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A Few Stories

April 19, 2014


Let's talk about love.

Ah, sweet love.  I woke up this morning wondering why I hadn't included it as one of the seven pillars.  I don't have a good answer for that, except that maybe I'd thought it was a given.  But more often than we might want to admit, I see we as humans couple for other reasons, or we stay together because we "love" each other in ways that don't look like a lot of fun, let alone love.


What's your definition of love?  Think about it.  Is it loyalty?  Is it enduring togetherness?  Is it attachment? Is it - dare I say - fear of being . . . (read more)


March 29, 2014


The Seven Pillars of a Good Relationship

This is a good way to assess your strengths as a couple.  Few couples are strong in each category, but when you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can capitalize on them and work on what's falling short.


1.     Sharing Core Values


Hopefully a couple shares about 80% of their values on life.  This includes things like wanting children, lifestyle choices, and how to spend and save money.  But the list is long, and specific to each individual.


2.     Ultimate Safety, or in some cases, Enough Safety


Not only do you know you will be physically safe in each other's presence, you also know you aren't the target of verbal or emotional abuse.  You know your partner isn't going to    (more)

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