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Have you ever wanted to really learn astrology?


From time to time Beth will sponsor various levels of classes from beginning to advanced.  Currently her colleague, Marlena McGuigan, is offering classes on an individual or small group basis.  See below for an idea of what she's offering.






Come explore the archetypes with us and truly "get" all that astrology can offer!



One (or two) experienced astrologers will be your guide:


Marlena McGuigan: astrologer, teacher, student, artist, and explorer of all things symbolic.  Beyond offering expressive arts workshops, she also offers private astrological consultations, dream work, and private sessions using expressive arts therapy models.


Beth Strong, MA, LPC: holistic psychotherapist, astrologer, and meditation teacher, will share in the fun while providing a wealth of three decades of astrological observations.



           Call Marlena for details about price.




No former astrological training required.  But even some intermediate students will find a new understanding of astrology from this class!


All classes held in the Conference Room on the 3rd floor at

155 South Madison Street

Denver, CO 80209


Call Marlena at 303-502-4214 

or Beth at 303-322-4224 

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