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The Extras

Marco Heisler, Photographer

First things first.  Marco Heisler is a German photographer whose work I saw on my tablet, via what app I don't know.  I knew in an instant I wanted to borrow many of his images for my site.  I asked, he agreed, with only the request that I credit him.  So here he is, and here is the link to more of his work.:


Instead of putting his name on each of his photographs, you will notice a simple ** on the ones that are his.  The photos are unquestionably beautiful and tell many stories all on their own.  Any distortions that may have come are due entirely to my own lack of know how to transfer and size photography.  For those distortions, I deeply apologize to Marco, whose work clearly deserves a more sophisticated showcase than my site.  


Meanwhile, many, many thanks, Marco.     He's cute, too, don't you think?

Feeling just a little ungrounded?

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