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Individual Session         $150 - one hour

Couples Session             $215 - one and a half hours

Astrology Reading        $240 - 90 - 120 minutes

Fall Sale on Astrology  $195 - August - end of year!



Sliding Scale


For those making under $60K / year

Sliding Individual Session:     $120

Sliding Couples Session: $195 for 90 min,  prorated for longer sessions


No sliding scale for astrology readings


I accept cash, checks, and credit cards except for American Express.


Cancellation Policy


Please be considerate of my time.


Individual sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged for as if the session happened, for the full fee.


Note New Policy:  Couples sessions require a full 48 hour notice.


For frequent late cancellations, I will keep a credit card on file.  In some cases you will be required to make payment prior to setting your next appointment.





I accept the following:


  • Humana

  • Kaiser Permanente (but not Kaiser Medicare)

  • most subsidiaries of Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • some EAP's

  • Many if not most HSA accounts will allow you to pay for your sessions through them, even if it's a different insurance.

  • For Humana or Kaiser, call Beth for how to do this. 

I am unable to accept Medicare of any kind. I do not accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield at this time.


If you have a different insurance and it will contribute to "Behavioral Health" outside of your network, I will provide the billing paperwork that you can submit for reimbursement.  They will sometimes reimburse 50% or more.


I am NOT a provider with Value Options or United Behavioral Health.



If you want to use your insurance, please do the following before your first appointment:


  • ask if you have to meet a deductible before they will pay for mental health, and if so, how much further do you have to go

  • if you don't have to pay toward a deductible, ask them how much your co-pay will be for mental health.


All fees are your responsibility regardless of whether you think your insurance will pay.




I see people in my office and remotely (via Zoom or phone) by appointment


  • Monday - Wednesday   10 - 7  (Office & Remote available)

  • Thursdays 9 - 7  ZOOM /REMOTE ONLY

  • Fridays      9 - 4  (Office & Remote available)

  • mornings reserved for remote (Zoom), in person  in afternoons/evenings

  • some earlier morning sessions available upon request, for Zoom or phone only



Zoom or Phone Sessions and Questions Between Sessions


If you are unable to make the drive but want to keep your appointment, doing a Zoom or phone session is a good alternative.  FaceTime is an alternative but not preferred. You must have a debit or credit card for payment.


Phone calls or emails between sessions are fine if  they are brief and not overdone.  On occasion a situation arises where between-session counsel is sought.  If you think you would like to talk with me for an extended period of time, please schedule a phone session, even if it is as brief as 15 minutes. Unscheduled requests for phone time will usually not be met, but I will be happy to schedule something when I can give my undivided attention.


In-between phone consults are charged by the quarter hour.


I am also available for Zoom and phone work for those who live outside the Denver Metro Mountain area.  Call for details.


Social Media


If you would like to link or friend me, please limit the connection to  

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