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Individual Counseling.  It's your time.

Life is short but it doesn't seem that way when we're suffering. Individual counseling affords you the time to unpack, tell your story.  It's not a monologue, it's a conversation, and I'll tell you what I think.  Sessions run 55 minutes, but that's so I can reserve those five minutes if I have to.  Most sessions are an hour.  We decide together how often you might come in.  I give feedback and safety.  I'm a real person and I'll be straight with you, but I'll also be gentle.  


Who do I "treat"?  No one.  I sit with lots of people with a wide variety of concerns, but I don't follow a medical model, and I'm not a doctor.  I help you see your strengths, your options, sometimes your feelings if you haven't got that figured out.   I've got suggestions, ideas, and usually hope.  You are welcome to call with some questions, or even a short interview.  For those who are checking out a lot of therapists, I'm happy to do an initial session no charge.  For those who are ready to get to work, we get right to it.



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