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Specialties and Issues 

What I specialize in:


  •   Relationships

  •   Life Fulfillment

  •   Working Through Transitions

  •   Divorce

  •   Cultivating a Meaningful Life


Issues I have successfully worked with:


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Family Relationships

  • Career Issues

  • Dealing with a difficult person

  • Communication

  • Grieving and Loss

  • Re-Marriage and Blended Families

  • Parenting

  • History of Abuse

  • Gay / Lesbian Issues and Relationships

  • Dealing with Aging Parents

  • When Someone You Love Has Dementia

  • Affairs, Breaking of Trust, and Rebuilding That Trust

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Areas I don't usually work with:



You may prefer choosing a therapist who specializes in the following issues:


  • addictions in general

  • adoption issues

  • anger management classes

  • domestic violence classes

  • gender identity issues

  • dissociative disorders

  • eating disorders

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

  • panic attacks

  • phobias

  • schizophrenia or other psychosis disorders

  • borderline personality disorder


If you or someone you love is struggling with one of these issues, I may be able to help in recommending another therapist.  If someone wants to work with me about other issues, but one of these comes up, we can explore together whether our work will serve or hinder your overall needs.  It is one of the realities of doing therapy that on occasion you will need to find a therapist more suited to your needs, even if our therapy process has started.

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