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My office, which I share with a few other therapists, feels like a sanctuary.  Warm, inviting, quiet.


In a typical first session a client tells me their story.  I help with that, if needed.  I don't mind it taking a while, I want to hear all of it.  But I also know that by the time a person has come to therapy, they're more than ready to hear something back.  The first session is not just "an intake," but where you will hear back from me how I can help, where I see we might go.  I'll offer my impressions, perspective, a different take than how you may have been holding your situation.  I may give suggestions, maybe even "homework," which is simply a way to stay involved with the process between sessions.



What to expect in sessions with Beth

My Therapeutic Orientation

The Quick Version


I draw from the following in how I work in therapy:


  • Holistic Approach

  • Client - Centered

  • Psychodynamic Theory

  • Personality / Self Awareness

  • Dream Work

  • Mindfulness

  • Body Oriented

  • Good Natured Humor


Therapeutic Philosophy



Having done this work for close to 20 years, and having done 17 years of bodywork prior to that, you can expect that my understanding and skill are always evolving.  


As I get older, I care less about technique or approach, and more about sitting with the client in the reality of the moment.  That said, each of those bodies of work listed above, having been with me for so long, saturate my understanding and give me the fluidity of being fresh and focused on the needs of the client.  I'm much more interested in what's happening with you in this moment, what's the message your soul is trying to convey, what's the longing that you might not have found a way to articulate yet, than with whether I'm doing any technique right, or what this or that teacher might have to say about that last little intervention I just made.  


It's given me a lot of freedom, and in most cases, allowed me to be, I think, a much better therapist.  





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