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Astrological Reading: "The yoga of time."*

This is not about fortune telling.  Astrology offers, from my perspective, an insight into our hard wiring, and a commentary on what we're going through right now.  Will it tell the future?  I don't think so.  It tells us what the energies are that are coming up.  A Neptune, Pluto, or Uranus transit will tell us what kind of changes we are facing.  A Saturn period shows us where we need to become more disciplined and autonomous.  Jupiter tells us where we might grow, or in some cases, when to watch out for getting fat.


I use astrology to get a deeper insight into our psychological nature.  It can speak to our quirks and ticks, but it can also describe our most persistent struggles, and in most cases, a way to address them.  


Readings last about one and a half to two hours.  I use natal, progressed, transit, and return charts for each reading, whether I've read for you before or not.  


Birth time is essential in getting an accurate reading.  There are ways to research your birth time if you don't have it.  Feel free to call and ask about this if you can't find it on your own.


$240 for  90 - 120 minutes

Sun Rise, Sun Set

* a phrase borrowed from Greg Bogart, PhD, astrologer, psychologist, and yoga teacher.  I really like the phrase.

Interested in learning astrology for yourself?  I no longer teach astrology but if you are interested, give a call and I can give you a recommendation.



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