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The Four Passions - Sweet and Strong

Welcome to my muse, premiere issue. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so let me know if I’m hitting the mark. I’ll be bringing short blurbs on any of four different subjects (my four passions) each month, hopefully. No grand promises, but you will hear from me again.

Passion of the Stars

July 4 is not just Independence Day, something we as a nation struggle to find just what that means to us (body politic), and the what’s and how’s of what to uphold (in both the political and the personal way). We are a fiercely independent society, more distinct (individualist) from our families and tribes than most any culture on earth. 4th of 7 is also a New Moon in Cancer, which brings a very different element to our generally masculine, productivity-oriented psyche: the feminine. Which also means family, mother, tribe, home. How do we connect? To what do we belong?

Stephanie Austin of The Mountain Astrologer says, “Our spiritual development, indeed our survival on this planet, requires an egalitarian and collaborative relationship between masculine and feminine, on both individual and collective levels.” Where do you need to lean into your feminine side? This New Moon will carry us to August 2 (when we swing back to the masculine polarity with New Moon in Leo), so we have a full month to contemplate who and how we are, for the feminine speaks largely to a sense of being rather than doing, a sense of feeling rather than thinking.

This New Moon will also bring yet another wave of change as it forms a strong cardinal t-square (tension we cannot ignore) with our catalytic friends Uranus and Pluto. Point, counterpoint. It’s worth the time to go inside and reflect, journal, meditate, because the changes you’ve been considering putting into motion are going to be triggered into reality NOW. Be your rudder. Make the changes you want, versus letting change happen to you. Marriage of the feminine and masculine: contemplate the most essential in you to bring about the most effective in your world. Those born in the early days of July, October, January, and April will feel the urge for change most intensely. For all of us in the dog days of summer, it’s a reminder to go inside, find your quiet, feel your heart.

Which brings us to my Passion of the Heart, meditation.

Summer Meditation Class will start on Thursday July 21, 7:30 – 9:00 pm, and will meet for five weeks. The theme will be “Finding Your Highest,” in a series of gently guided meditations. We are invited in this time to go for the ultimate, straddling the feminine process of contemplation and meditation in preparation for the August Leo month of masculine action, the creative process, bringing your desires into fruition. Seriously. Whether you’re thinking of taking this class or not, you might want to journal through July on the essence of your life purpose. But if you don’t get to it, no worries – class will provide plenty of time for that.

In the World – Passion of the Land, and the structures we impose upon it

Mortgage rates are staying low, even dipping a little, say the finance people. I heard yesterday the Denver inventory has gone up slightly. In May we were hovering at ½ month of inventory, which is a crazy seller’s market. We’re edging up to 1 or 1.5 months now, which isn’t a lot. Still a very strong market. But more listings post in the summer months as people hope to make their moves before school starts in August; this is a natural albeit minimal swell. With this heat, whether you’re thinking of selling soon or never, take care of the living beings around you: the grass, the trees, your shrubs and flowers. Some will want a drink twice daily as we all thirst in this heat.

Passion Four (in no particular order) My Love for the Value of Talking it Out

How can I not speak to what’s been present on everyone’s mind. By the time you read this, Orlando may have evaporated like so many tragedies to last month’s news, and we’ll have yet another horror to behold to get us talking about how hurt is the world, which means how much the world needs you.

Can you imagine for a moment what Omar Mateen’s life might have been like had he gone to therapy in his early twenties? Challenged his heritage and his father’s values to create room for his own? Addressed the upheavals of being bipolar with counseling and the right mix of meds? Explored his sexual identity – as we are all exploring aspects of our identity, but especially in our twenties – to find peace within himself?

Who do you know who is tormented in some way, who needs a safe place to say, “Hey what, I hurt”?

Til next month, my friend. Breathe deep.

Beth Strong, MA, LPC

Strong Suite Therapies

Holistic Psychotherapist

Counseling Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

Broker Associate, Realtor

Strong Sweet Homes, SPX Realty


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